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As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, Advancement LLC is proud to welcome Dave Beveridge, Controller, and Dave Winterich, Manager of Engineering and Staffing Services. With proven records of managerial expertise, their hard work and dedication will undoubtedly strengthen Advancement LLC’s commitment to excellence.
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Case Studies
  • Advancement LLC is currently working with a client involved in the steel mill equipment industry who had never used outside staffing services in the past. This company, after experiencing a downturn in the industry from 1999 through 2003, found themselves in an enviable position of significant growth in the past few years. They utilized their own resources in identifying talent and did a credible job filling positions. However, they still found themselves in short supply of support with steel mill design and engineering experience.

    After a number of discussions addressing the benefits of using contract services, we were able to convince their upper management that this is a viable option. We have become the primary source of engineering talent outside of their efforts. Through the exemplary work of our on-site contractors, we have also started do work at our facility for this client as well. Again, this was another major achievement as this client rarely has project work sent outside of the company.

    A local manufacturer recently purchased a new five-axis machining center and needed process engineering support as well as an experienced CNC programmer in a very tight labor market. We were able to recruit a former contractor from his job on the west coast to fill the process engineering position and a programmer from the east coast to fill the second position in time to start the project on schedule and within their budget.

    Advancement LLC has provided both in-house and on-site engineering design support to a Cleveland aluminum casting and forgings plant on a cost-effective basis for four years. In addition, we have provided personnel on a contract basis for a variety of positions including planners, trainers, administrators, accountants, and even fire inspectors. Our responsiveness to the client's needs has been key to our continuing relationship with this firm.

    A local architectural and engineering firm received two major projects at the same time and both had very tight deadlines. In order to meet their customer’s expectations, the firm was required to add a number of contract employees to their staff for approximately 6 months.  They turned to Advancement LLC to support their personnel build-up. We were able to recruit and successfully place people such as architects, architectural designers, mechanical engineers, mechanical designers, piping designers, and electrical engineers. The projects were completed on time.  At the end of the assignment, a number of people were hired directly by the client.

    We recently filled stress analyst and design engineer positions for an international aeronautics company that supports commercial, military, and business aircraft. Our client has a master vendor relationship with a competitor. After considerable time, the needs that our customer had could not be fulfilled by their efforts. Time was of the essence to have this work performed.

    Due to our previously successful working relationship, our client asked for our assistance. We were able to fill these key positions within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving the orders at a fair market rate. These skill sets are difficult to identify in the current market place. Through our long-standing relationships with our contract employees, we were able to receive a handful of referred candidates that evolved into quality talent that fulfilled our client’s needs. 

    A current client involved in the medical equipment industry approached us years ago with a dilemma. We had initiated cursory discussions in the past to provide our services, but they had established recruiting contacts and internal processes in place. From a meeting with the Director of the Engineering Department, it was discovered this group had significant difficulty identifying design support. They had used their established means but ran into issues of quality and timeliness. Given the opportunity, we identified, screened, presented, interviewed, and placed two candidates within 2 weeks.  One of those two contract employees was hired as a direct employee, and 10 years later, he is a vital part of their design team.  Through this initial opportunity and ensuing effort, we have evolved into assisting this client with project engineering, scientific, graphic design, and considerable design staffing support. 


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