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As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, Advancement LLC is proud to welcome Dave Beveridge, Controller, and Dave Winterich, Manager of Engineering and Staffing Services. With proven records of managerial expertise, their hard work and dedication will undoubtedly strengthen Advancement LLC’s commitment to excellence.
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The DATAForge™ Solution is a system–based approach that leverages enterprise-wide master data to deliver cost savings to your company through key standardized processes:

  • DATAForge™ Master Data Correction and Enrichment Services – These services are delivered by a team of subject matter experts to verify, enhance, and translate your company’s spare part, service, and item record master data.

  • DATAForge™ Web-based Catalog – This catalog is proprietary technology that employs a user-friendly interface to support the search and delivery of verified, cleansed, and enriched item records to end users.

  • DATAForge™ Consulting – This revolves around a comprehensive information flow assessment of all data driven processes and data integration, or touch points, used across business critical systems within your organization.

DATAForge™ Solution implements key standardized processes by performing the following methodology:

  • Analysis – DATAForge™ analyzes your company’s current master data collection and utilization processes.

  • Identification – DATAForge™ identifies needed process and/or project wide improvements for your company.

  • Development – DATAForge™ develops an action for your company.

  • Implementation – DATAForge™ implements an agreed solution.

  • Assessment – DATAForge™ assesses and reviews the results for continuous improvement.

By implementing the DATAForge™ Solution, your company will realize actual savings across your enterprise in time, cost, and resources.


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