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As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, Advancement LLC is proud to welcome Dave Beveridge, Controller, and Dave Winterich, Manager of Engineering and Staffing Services. With proven records of managerial expertise, their hard work and dedication will undoubtedly strengthen Advancement LLC’s commitment to excellence.
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Our Process


Advancement LLC is a leader in the contract engineering industry because of our attention to detail and adherence to a proven process that identifies a client’s specific needs and matches the available talent to those needs.


Meeting and

Typically, our salesperson meets with our clients in person to discuss both their general and specific requirements. We want to understand the ideal candidate's characteristics as well as the three primary duties the individual will be required to perform. Knowing the difference between essential qualifications and those that are desirable aids our recruiters in finding a candidate who can do the job.

After the initial meeting, the job order is turned over to our recruiting staff. Recruiters use various methods to locate suitable candidates, including searching our own extensive database of candidate, resumes and former employees, searching internet databases, advertising for candidates on job boards, and personal networking with current and former employees and clients. 



The recruiter conducts a thorough interview that probes in detail the candidate’s background and experience. We interview local candidates in person whenever possible.  We conduct reference checks for new candidates. Also, we perform background checks and drug testing if requested by the client. Hundreds of local contractors know us well and always advise our recruiters about their availability. Quite often, we can submit qualified candidates from this pool literally within minutes of taking the job order.


The salesperson checks the resume to ensure that the candidate matches the job requirements. Resumes are then submitted via e-mail to the client for review and feedback. At this point, the salesperson may seek clarification or modifications from the client in order to fine-tune the search process. Interview appointments are confirmed with the client. Interviews are conducted in person or over the telephone depending on the geographical location of the candidate.


The client decides which candidates are appropriate and desired start date. Advancement LLC handles the job offer and required employment forms.


The recruiter contacts the candidate and confirms the start date. The recruiter coordinates the completion of the employment paperwork. The sign-up process is completed online or in person.


During the assignment, Advancement LLC employees work at the client location and take direction from the customer with periodic contact by our staff. Time cards are completed by the employee and approved by the client on a weekly basis; they are used for payroll and billing purposes.


When the project nears completion, the client notifies the Advancement LLC salesperson to schedule the last day of work. Our staff notifies the employee and handles all exit activities and paperwork. Finally, we send an evaluation form to the client to obtain feedback on the employee’s performance.


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