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As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, Advancement LLC is proud to welcome Dave Beveridge, Controller, and Dave Winterich, Manager of Engineering and Staffing Services. With proven records of managerial expertise, their hard work and dedication will undoubtedly strengthen Advancement LLC’s commitment to excellence.
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“Advancement has been providing technical personnel to
this company since 1992. For the past seven years, we have had
an exclusive contract with Advancement to provide
technical staffing.

As our exclusive provider of technical staffing, Advancement provided us with a number of cost-effective solutions. These included but were not limited to the following:

  1. Locating People with Specialized Talents to Meet Critical Schedules: We were given the task of designing a chamber to enclose combustion experiments for a space vehicle. The experiment required a gas chromatograph, which had to be hardened to meet the vibration requirements of the vehicle. Advancement found a person with medical instrumentation and aerospace experience.
  2. On-site Personnel Office Support: We provided office space, and Advancement augmented our human resources staff to facilitate hiring.
  3. Conversion from Contractor to Permanent Employee: Advancement provided a cost-effective solution to us for temporary-to-permanent employees.

Our relationship with Advancement has been rewarding. Advancement has provided the technical resources in a timely manner and at a competitive price to help us meet our customers' challenging requirements. Over the past 12 years, we have converted over 25 Advancement temporary personnel to permanent employees.”

-Technical Services Manager
-Programs Manager

“As Engineering Manager, I have been working closely with Advancement for about one year. However, our relationship with Advancement, through other employees of this company, goes back decades. I am writing to express my overall satisfaction with the relationship our company has with Advancement.

Our company has experienced extreme growth over the last two years. As a result, acquiring engineering resources through our traditional methods has become extremely difficult. It became obvious that contract engineering was an avenue that we had to explore. As is the case with most companies, we were apprehensive to dive into the world of contract engineering. Advancement has helped us with that transition, and we have been able to grow and meet our customers’ needs.

I have found Advancement to be very responsive to our needs. As a result of Advancement’s experience and screening process, our company has wasted very little time sorting through unqualified candidates. The resumes that have been sent and the subsequent interviews that have been conducted have been on target to match our needs. Advancement has given support in the interviewing/hiring process when needed, but they have also allowed us the freedom to interview contract engineers on our terms.

We have contracted numerous engineers through Advancement. These engineers have blended well with our permanent staff. Across the board, these employees have been prompt, courteous, respectful, and professional. I am sure this behavior is reflective of the type of company that Advancement strives to be.

Advancement’s management has been easy to work with. I have never felt pressured or bothered by them. However, they are always just a phone call away. They have reacted quickly to all of my requests, which is very important. They follow up on all of their engineers and take quick and appropriate actions on the rare occasion that a problem arises.

We have established a very good relationship with Advancement.
It is a relationship that we intend to utilize as our company continues to grow. I would not hesitate to recommend Advancement to any company that was having trouble filling their engineering resource needs.”

-Engineering Manager

“Advancement has been a superior contract engineering provider to this medical equipment manufacturer. They have worked effectively with us to provide quality personnel in a timely and professional manner. They are willing to go the extra mile to give us the personal attention if necessary when a situation arises.

I have been working exclusively with Advancement for the past five years for all of my contract mechanical designer and drafting people. I continue to be impressed with the fast response time and the number of qualified candidates they deliver.”

-Mechanical Engineering Manager

“Not only did Advancement give us quality people, but also quality ideas. That really made a difference in our company's project. Advancement definitely goes beyond what you would expect from most contract service companies.”

-Design Manager

“For over six years, Advancement has served as our primary source of contract employees. And during that time, we've been completely satisfied with Advancement's service. I can endorse Advancement with confidence.”

-Personnel Director

“Over the years, Advancement has provided our company with engineers covering a wide variety of disciplines and technical skills. And in all cases, the work they have done has been outstanding. We would not hesitate recommending the services of Advancement.”

Director of Engineering

“This letter is to confirm that Advancement has worked closely with me and other managers at this location for several years to meet our needs for skilled contract engineers, analysts, designers, technicians, programmers, and administrative personnel. At this location, we are the prime contractor responsible for providing research and development support to the space program. While meeting our needs, Advancement has always been courteous and attentive to the requirements of any situation presented. They have taken the time to not only get to know us, but also our line of work and the state of our industry. When supplying us with resumes for open positions, they have drawn upon an extensive pool of candidates and have always done an excellent job screening resumes; only referring those that meet the particular requirements of the job in skills, temperament, and salary range. As a result, Advancement has remained an important team member, supplying us with the talent necessary to get our job done, sometimes on very short notice. With no hesitation, I recommend Advancement as an agency to become a member of your team, supplying talent to meet your needs.”

-Technical Manager


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